Frequently Asked Questions

Workouts are typically 1hr in length.  They include a 5-7min warm-up, a 20-30min intense workout portion, followed by a cool down and stretch. Workouts are specifically programmed for optimal results.  The length of the workouts are subject to change at any time to accommodate specific goals throughout the year.

You sure can. All you need is enough space for a yoga mat and a set or two of dumbbells to get you started. As you continue with the program and get stronger, it is recommended to purchase heavier weights to help you reach your goals.

Modifications and options are provided for all movements.  It is advised that you consult your doctor before starting any new program to make sure you are well enough to participate without further injury or health concerns.

Videos can be watched LIVE in real-time on the VIP Facebook page or on-demand. All workout videos are uploaded to an easy-to-access membership website for you to do at your own convenience.

No, you do not, however, it is recommended to join as this is where the fitness membership community connects. All LIVE videos are on Facebook. This is also where Amy provides extra health coaching and education.

Participating in the three workouts every week with consistency will definitely give you results.  You will feel stronger and leaner with consistent effort.  However, proper nutrition, reducing stress, and adequate sleep are also key to reaching your health and fitness goals.

Facebook unfortunately does not allow me to play music during the LIVE workout. It is recommended you play your favorite rockin’ playlist during your workout.

Absolutely they can.  Please encourage them to join.  The workouts are family-friendly.