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5 Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

mindset nutrition recipes workouts Mar 16, 2021

Okay, so here is the big question, how are you really doing?? I am sure you’ve seen so much content surrounding Covid-19. Everything from work, school, news, social media, advertising, workouts, food, health, government, etc. literally everyone is turning to online to communicate with each other.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to turn everything off, hide and hope this is all a bad dream. Well, sadly it isn’t and everyone is trying to PIVOT, including me!! The biggest obstacle for all of us right now is the unknown and that is what is reeking havoc on our lives! Kids are home, parents are working from home, people have lost their jobs, no activities for our kids, gyms are closed and going to the grocery store is like a scene out of a movie!! Am I right?

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes we are making right now as we try to adjust to our new normals:

1. Staying up too late, and sleeping in too long:

Yes I know, I am doing it, my teens are doing it and it needs to stop! The hours of sleep before midnight are more valuable to the body than those acquired between midnight and getting up. Getting adequate sleep—both in quality and quantity—is essential to feeling well, being mentally sharp, preventing certain illnesses, regulating mood, hunger, cravings and maintaining weightloss.

2. Not moving enough:

You need to PLAN your daily activity. We ALL need to do this and I know this is easier said than done. BUT – this is crucial right now! Motivation to work out at home can be extremely challenging. Even for the most consistent fitness enthusiast, switching from going to a gym or studio fitness can feel impossible. Try if anything to get outside for a walk. It will help you stay sane and keep stress levels down. *Remember: you have the most willpower in the morning! So, if you have to go as far as sleeping in your workout clothes, DO IT!

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3. Buying junk food and ordering in:

You 100% need to plan your meals/groceries. Not only will this help with less trips to the almost scary store these days, BUT – it is a great way to get yourself eating healthy. I know it sucks not having your favorite restaurant or coffee shop open right now, but think about how this could be saving you in both calories and your wallet. Do yourself a favor today, sit down, and plan your meals for the week!!

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4. Not having a schedule:

Some of you are now working from home, or are laid off, kids are home trying to do school or stay entertained and you are all trying to figure out this new normal. And…I don’t know about you, but nothing about this feels normal at all! Make a schedule for the week or the night before!! This is huge! Print out a blank calendar on the internet and use it to schedule work time, school time, workouts, meals, outside time, family time, TV time, etc. Whatever it takes to help you stay sane with the members of your family at home. Even if you don’t stick to it, at least it will help you feel in a little more control of your days and weeks.


5. Negative self-talk about not doing enough:

Okay, so on one hand yes, we want to feel in control of the situation and our lives, but on the other hand this sh&! is crazy and unpredictable!! We are being bombarded by the internet right now and it is what we are turning to for connection. Try to manage your time on social media and news. If you are triggered by feelings of inadequacy, panic, fear, sadness, and/or anxiety, you need to step away from all the noise! Stop comparing!! Go back to gratitude, remember what you are grateful for right NOW! Calm your mind with an activity such as yoga or a good book.