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Chasing Shiny Objects….

mindset nutrition Mar 14, 2021

Are you always looking for the next best thing? Do you jump from diet to diet? How many gym/studio memberships have you hopped around to?

“Chasing shiny objects” is actually a syndrome! And…I see it all the time with my clients. They want to change their pattern of behaviour so badly, they basically try every new trend and stick to nothing. It is why diets like paleo and keto are so popular. It is why studio fitness is on the rise. What is the next shiny fitness trend that is going to magically get you healthy and in shape?

I am guilty of this for sure! In fact, I still am sometimes…I am like a kid in a candy store with all the new fitness trends popping up. But is it actually all that bad when it comes to getting healthy and fit?


  1. Distraction from your original goal – maybe you heard from a friend that they got in shape from Crossfit, so you decide to try and realize it is not in line with your goals
  2. Waste of money – hopping from gym to gym without actually sticking to a plan can set you back funds, these days those memberships are not cheap
  3. Waste of time – by the time you realize what you need, you have wasted all this time jumping from one diet to the next. You should have just stuck to your initial plan.


  1. Education – learning different nutrition methods and workout regimes, gives you more incite into what you like and gives you an idea if it could benefit you.
  2. Motivation – at least you are trying new things and not sitting on your couch thinking about how you are going to improve your heath. You are taking action!
  3. Bodies adapt – bodies need change in order to improve. Being open to new things can help with exercise adherence when things feel stale or results have stalled.

In my opinion, I think you need to try things on for size. The answer to all of this is CONSISTENCY! So whatever gym, or nutrition program you decide to go with, ask yourself… Is it working? Is it something you can maintain for a period of time? Do you enjoy it?

For me, as I enter my mid 40’s, there is a shift from performance goals toward health, injury prevention and longevity. Whatever activity or nutrition plan you find enjoyable for YOU, is the exact thing you need to be doing. What is all this effort for if you aren’t enjoying your life.

I would love to help guide you in your health and fitness journey. If you are sick of chasing shiny objects and getting nowhere, please contact me for coaching rates.