The Amy Johnston
Fitness and Health VIP Membership


The holistic mind and body transformation towards self-empowerment and fat loss without the overwhelm — start feeling better and seeing results within 3–4 weeks of consistency!


Get instant access to customized solutions perfect for your ageing female metabolism.

I came to Amy exhausted from my Crossfit workouts, frustrated with the poor eating habits I developed since having a baby, unhappy with my weight and body, and so much more. The first thing Amy did was give me permission to STOP.

Amy has been a catalyst for improvements in so many areas of my life. I love her workouts – super convenient to do whenever. And I stretch more now than ever! I’ve learned to honour what my body needs and know its cues. She made me realize that what I did in my 30s no longer serves me in my 40s.

— Veronica

Real talk time, ladies! What are you truly here for?



I know you’re here because you want to start prioritizing yourself!


You may be an active mom, an empty nester, a mature single woman, working from home or in the office—whoever you are; you’re looking to start your fitness and health journey now.


And you want to do this because you want to…


  Feel confident and comfortable when you look at yourself in the mirror while wearing your birthday suit. ;-) Nothing to be guilty of in wanting to invest in our appearances!

  Feel energized throughout the day and not wake up feeling like you’re already bone-tired. Our maturing women phase doesn’t have to feel life-draining!

  Have a positive and welcoming outlook on your health because you know you’re doing a cost-effective, time-saving, and butt-kicking job on taking care of yourself!

  Gain control and peace of mind since you’re putting in the effort to show up and do what feels good for your soul and sanity!



You know what you want, but you’ve gotten these lackluster experiences instead…

You’re feeling lost and overwhelmed because millions of “weight loss,” dieting, and all-or-nothing approaches are out there. You want to lose fat and become healthy starts to feel like a heavy chore!

You’ve tried signing up for gym memberships, cardio classes, fitness groups, and everything else, but the tight schedule, commute, and pressure to dress up well feels more restricting—feeling like becoming a slave to work out!

You find a workout that fits your already full plate but makes your body feel tired, sore, and traumatized. You start dreading the next time you have to move!

You did a DIY online class, but results aren’t showing up consistently, and you’re frustrated for not reaching your fat loss goals.

You’ve injured yourself and become overly cautious or scared to try again.

You stopped because it’s getting boring, and you’re looking for accountability partners to cheer you on and be with you on this journey.


Discover how losing fat and becoming healthy doesn’t have to be rocket science.

This past year has been a blessing for my physical and mental health. As an exercise-driven person,

Amy has taught me that it is okay not to have to go hard every day.

It was the permission I needed, but I was unwilling to give myself. Also, her menopausal insight has been invaluable to me as I am dealing with all of that now. I appreciate Amy’s happy, cheery, kind disposition to all her classes!

— Marleea

“If only there’s a proven and loved workout program that truly understands what I’m going through and what I need as a maturing woman!”


As a woman, we have so much on our plates already! We have an insane number of responsibilities, and we all wish it were easier.


Well, ladies, I hear you, and I know your struggles!


I’ve been there, and hundreds of my students are also familiar with your story.


This is why I created this program!


All the expert guidance and support about all things YOU is here!


The Amy Johnston
Fitness and Health VIP Membership



$57 CAD

7-day full access FREE TRIAL!

  • Community support and member recognition
  • Exclusive access to LIVE 3X per week workouts in our private Facebook tribe
  • Access to monthly challenges, prizes, and themes of the month
  • Group coaching and education on maintaining/increasing metabolism customized for maturing women
  • Access to a library of Amy J’s on-demand offline workouts
  • Free initial 30-minute one on one coaching with Amy Johnston


$285 CAD

1-month free pass!

  • Community support and member recognition
  • Exclusive access to LIVE 3X per week workouts in our private Facebook tribe
  • Access to monthly challenges, prizes, and themes of the month
  • Group coaching and education on maintaining/increasing metabolism customized for maturing women
  • Access to a library of Amy J’s on-demand offline workouts
  • Free initial 30-minute one on one coaching with Amy Johnston

No more guesswork, ladies! You’re in the perfect place!

  Workouts are specifically designed for optimal results for all fitness levels to help maximize fat loss results.

  All 45-minute to 1-hour workouts include a dynamic warm-up, a 20 to 30-minute workout portion, and a proper cool down and stretch.

  All workouts are dedicated to the entire body with specific programming to focus on particular body parts throughout the week.

  Can be done virtually anywhere with minimal equipmentneeded!


  An actual routine that is fun, fresh, and new all the time rather than just winging it on different days.

  Get active communication during the whole workout time about your proper form, what weights to choose, how your body should feel, proven tips, health suggestions, and more.

  Be a part of a women’s tribe that cheers you on genuinely. Get a sense of being a part of a community and building connections!


Amy is extremely knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition, and the aging female body, and she continues to educate herself to stay current. Amy makes working out from home with minimal equipment fun. Her platform is more than just workouts.

It’s also a community of like-minded people who really support each other. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

— Lisa

Let me tell you what you don’t need, ladies!


   You don't need a fancy gym!

   You don’t need a personal chef!

    You don’t need a private trainer!

   You don’t need those expensive programs or equipment!

    You don’t need to try more and everything else out there!

You need an expert who understands your beautiful maturing woman phase.


What used to work before may be different now.


Our bodies and their chemical composition alter as we gracefully age.


We are dealing with hormonal changes leading in and out of menopause, shifts in metabolism, hunger cues, and energy levels; monitoring sleep, stress, and being cautious not to get injured due to slower recovery is more crucial than ever!


It’s not just a simple movement here and there anymore.


But fret not, ladies. You’ve found your answer!


Let me show you how doing less can give you more of your desired results!


Are you ready to experience the fitness and health journey that is perfect for you?


But don’t just take it from me. 😉 Here’s what the ladies inside my membership are saying!

Just had a photo pop up from a year ago…so great to see the changes in myself. Staying consistent with my Amy J workouts and getting a handle on the nutrition plan has been amazing! Metabolic Monday is my fave!


Amy Johnston Fitness is more than live workouts! This woman is truly amazing and has helped me not only lose inches and tone up but taught me “progress over perfection”, to always love yourself and to be kind to our bodies!


Since joint this group in May 2020 I have definitely noticed an improvement in my strength, better muscle tone and more energy. My nutrition habits have also improved. Even though I exercise alone I feel highly motivated to workout with fitness community online. I also love the monthly challenges because they provide me with goals to meet and exceed.


Amy Johnston is the best! I dont know what I would have done at the start if the pandemic if I had not connected with her. She has motivated me to stay accountable for my fitness and nutrition the past 3 years, also to stay positive. I look forward to her workouts 💪


I am so grateful to be a part of this “tribe”. It has given me a sense of community and connection that I was missing since I was grounded or furloughed from my job as a flight attendant. I love the way the group supports and lifts each other up! I have lost a few pounds that I was carrying pre-COVID times, and am happy to be fitting into clothes that were just a bit too tight last spring/summer season. Following Amy’s workout has gotten me out of that rut of doing just what was easy or what I liked doing. I am learning the importance of working opposing muscle groups (working biceps and triceps). I’m feeling stronger all around, and starting to see more muscle definition.


Hi Amy! Just a quick note…didn’t really want to post on the public page but I do feel as though you deserve a giant THANK YOU!!


I owe a thank you and need acknowledge how much this group and the workouts help – they help the mind (lockdown – seriously is there anyone who hasn’t had a meltdown dealing with this?) and the body (I would not be out of bed right now if I wasn’t in some type of shape before my little mishap). The group is not only expertly coached but it is such a supportive community, we are lucky to have it!


This could be you in just a couple of weeks of consistency!


Join the hundreds of women who love our program. It just keeps getting better!


But wait, there’s more! You’re also getting the following for FREE once you join us!

BONUS: 10-week Get Fit with HIIT On The Go

Valued at $499

BONUS: The No Equipment Vacation Workout

Valued at $99

BONUS: Amy J's Top 10 Healthy Guide

Valued at $47

BONUS: Amy J's Healthy and Delicious Menu Recipe

Valued at $67

BONUS: Weekly Workout and Daily Food Tracker

Valued at $67

BONUS: 10-week Get Fit with HIIT On The Go

Valued at $499

BONUS: The No Equipment Vacation Workout

Valued at $99

BONUS: Amy J's Top 10 Healthy Guide

Valued at $47

BONUS: Amy J's Healthy and Delicious Menu Recipe

Valued at $67

BONUS: Weekly Workout and Daily Food Tracker

Valued at $67

That’s a total value of $779 for the bonuses alone! And you’re getting it for FREE with your membership!

Now you might be wondering why my pricing is too affordable.


It’s less than $5 per workout, the same price as a venti Starbucks drink!


I simply want everyone to be able to afford a healthy mind, body, and soul and access the life they want.


And I especially want to remove the hesitation and dilemma of women about their financial responsibilities and put their well-being aside. I don’t want it to be too late for anybody before they start investing in their wellness.


Ladies, you will always get value on top of value with us!


Amy Johnston


I am Amy Johnston


I help maturing women (mostly 40 years old and above) gain control of their fitness and health (especially their metabolism) by teaching them to identify and listen to their bodies feedback.


I provide insight and guidance to help aging women implement simple solutions to solving unwanted fat, gaining more muscles, becoming leaner, and having a lifestyle that is energetic, fun, healthy, and good for the soul!


Being a mom of three beautiful children (an empty nester now) and a fitness coach for years showed me a vast fitness crisis many graciously aging women face.


Pre-pandemic, I worked as a fitness studio trainer for years and observed a trend that wasn’t aligned with my values.


I felt that their goal is only to make money, so they convince their clients to commit to certain memberships and pay a high monthly amount where they are pressured to take as many classes as possible. And that the more they commit to, the better—but that wasn’t the case. I saw burnout, self-sabotage, a feeling of having more responsibilities for women, and just a total reverse effect when I worked there. People were paying such an expensive amount to train; they were overtraining because they wanted to get their money’s worth. And don’t get me wrong, these workouts are great, but they are not explicitly programmed for women around my age group.

My competitors lack the essential foundation.


They lack the education on why this approach works regarding rest, our nervous system, hormones, going hard for a short period but gaining maximum results, the aging female metabolism, what kind of lifestyle we have, what it’s like to be a woman or mom, and more.


I decided to go online during the pandemic, and my students followed me. And this is where the Amy Johnston Fitness Program was born!


It’s my mission to create a support-led tribe and provide customized solutions for maintaining a balanced female metabolism.


I’m looking forward to having you with us soon!


Much love, ladies.



I have always been motivated to do workouts at home. However, I am now even more motivated to do Amy’s workouts three days a week—for me, they are very challenging, interesting, fun, and diverse.


The fact that the workouts are focused on aging women makes me even more determined to keep up with the workouts. I am 51 years old, and more than ever, it is important to keep on top of my fitness goals. I have been struggling for years with a shoulder issue, and the classes have made me stronger in that area, and now I am lifting more weight than ever. I am more confident in what I can do because of this. I love this community!


— Andrea

Let’s shatter what’s holding you back! Got Q, ladies? I got you. 😉

Don’t see your question here?

Send us an email at [email protected]. I’d be happy to chat with you!

You deserve the life that you want!

It’s time to put yourself first, ladies!


Join me and hundreds of mature women with the same experience as you who now have the quality of life they want.


The true overall transformation starts now.



Terms and Conditions: This membership will auto-renew every month. Payment from your card on file will automatically be billed at a turnover of your one (1) month billing period. Cancellations can be made without penalty before the next billing period takes place. Any cancellations after auto-renewal payment will be subject to a processing fee if a refund is required.


Disclaimer: As you join this program/membership, you accept and understand that you voluntarily participate in the training, programming, nutrition coaching, and exercise recommended by Amy Johnston at your own risk. You know that you must consult with your doctor before commencing any exercise and nutrition program. You confirm that you are physically fit and have no medical condition that would prevent your full participation in the program. You take full responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, that may result from participating in this program. And you waive any claim against Amy Johnston, owner of Amy Johnston Fitness, for any injury or damages incurred from this program regardless of negligence that Amy Johnston Fitness may have caused.